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Bloody hell...

2010-09-11 02:06:41 by Karmas-Enemy

... Was up rather late last night making some music, and managed to upload it this morning. FUN.

Bloody hell...

...Aye, it has been a long time since I was last last on NG. I've been a tad busy trying to sort out a band and whatnot. Twas all going swimmingly until our drummer left, so now we're stuck in a bit of a rut.

What does this mean?

This means that during our search for a new drummer, I will be making some more music for NG! How about that! And since I have vastly improved since I was last here, no doubt it should be better. HOORAY!

Overall, not bad.

Must start voting on things again, too.

My word, It has been a long time...

Been out of the game ¬_¬

2009-08-03 04:27:46 by Karmas-Enemy

I've been out of the game so long its unreal, I had mayn bands arise and many fall, and all my motivation is out the window. But I wanna get back in, preferably as soon as possible.

Gonna brush up on my animation skills; I've deleted all my old crap off here, and now I'm going to start anew. Easier said than done, but nonetheless do-able.

Wish me luck :D

Been out of the game ¬_¬


2009-05-17 05:35:12 by Karmas-Enemy

How do you lot keep motivated? Cos I seriously am finding it difficult to carry on doing anything anymore...

I've got...

2009-02-07 09:24:57 by Karmas-Enemy

... a new graphics tablet :D

...While I work on something... different for me :)

Keep watching :D

Nearly there...

2009-02-02 04:56:12 by Karmas-Enemy


Neraly 2 weeks in the making, all planning has gone out the window, a few VA's haven't got back to me with their lines and the deadline for them was Friday.

Some have come in late, and I'm fine with that (time difference and all that).

So some people have been recast (to me). I've finally found my microphone, so all I have to find now is my graphics tablet pen.

The people that have been cast shall have their characters till the end, unless they decide to back out. Either way I can cover them now if I need to.

So far many thanks to Mina-chan, Jonas, Adidaas and Snowfender for their lines, and I hope everything comes out to thier expectations.

Nearly there...


2009-01-28 11:21:05 by Karmas-Enemy

Halfway there!

Should be up by the end of next week! w00t!

Thanks especially to Jonas and Mina-Chan, for being first to give me the voices :D

watch this space :D


My band. Awesome little band. Cit!zen Erased

We had a gig a while ago, with some other "bands" A term of which I use very loosely.

One "band" was just 2 "guys" and a MAC, screaming "death roars" into a mic. Sounded like greased pigs echoing to shitty trance to me. Nothing was original. I laughed so hard at their feeble attempts to "perform". Even the crowd announced they sucked.

The second "band" were shit too, but not as bad. They played only cover songs, they never finished any "song" they played, the crowd boo'd them, their drummers kit fell over, not to mention they couldnt decide what song to do and played the intros to about 6 different songs.

Whats more, this "band" only went and got SIGNED!

Whats fair about that?
We put in more effort that anyone, we even have our EP out soon and a video shoot on 15th Feb!
And we still havent got signed yet!

Fucking Pop-punk cunts.

Anyway. hoping my flash will be done soon.

This is why life is not fair


2009-01-26 05:13:24 by Karmas-Enemy


Final preperations from the VA's (Special thanks to Rina-Chan for being so quick to respond and record and to Ughanation for being patient).

Scenes being worked as I speak.

Revamping the intro (Looks.. shit)

And without internet at home (have to go to mother-in-laws to use it) makes it harder to contact people :/


Getting on with it. slowly but surely.

Still a sprite movie though.