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2009-05-17 05:35:12 by Karmas-Enemy

How do you lot keep motivated? Cos I seriously am finding it difficult to carry on doing anything anymore...


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2009-05-17 07:33:58

I've tried doing other things, but I hate it. It's the sole thing I even think about.
Making it. Making it better. Make it perfect.
Even when I go and do something else. It's still there. Unfinished.


2009-06-24 05:59:38

Lots of people have this problem. What motivates me is satisfaction, having a look at my work when it's finished and realizing it's well done.
Read the reviews for your stuff, maybe feedback can keep you motivated ;)
And by the way, you're featured artist in the audio portal this month, congrats!


2009-06-25 17:09:05

just take a day listening to some of the greatest music ever. it always works for me. but strangely what really motivates me is watching videos of making something of what I love doing. like a timelapse. those get me motivated.


2009-06-30 19:00:18

Well, a hippie would say, << Travel to Mars, man... heh heh heh *SNORT >>