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This is why life is not fair

2009-01-26 09:06:21 by Karmas-Enemy

My band. Awesome little band. Cit!zen Erased

We had a gig a while ago, with some other "bands" A term of which I use very loosely.

One "band" was just 2 "guys" and a MAC, screaming "death roars" into a mic. Sounded like greased pigs echoing to shitty trance to me. Nothing was original. I laughed so hard at their feeble attempts to "perform". Even the crowd announced they sucked.

The second "band" were shit too, but not as bad. They played only cover songs, they never finished any "song" they played, the crowd boo'd them, their drummers kit fell over, not to mention they couldnt decide what song to do and played the intros to about 6 different songs.

Whats more, this "band" only went and got SIGNED!

Whats fair about that?
We put in more effort that anyone, we even have our EP out soon and a video shoot on 15th Feb!
And we still havent got signed yet!

Fucking Pop-punk cunts.

Anyway. hoping my flash will be done soon.

This is why life is not fair


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