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tis my birthday :D

whats y'all getting me? :P

check outage my album art :D


New Drumkit!!

2008-01-03 18:15:56 by Karmas-Enemy

I got me a new drumkit today :) nice set of Arbiter Flats Lite :) nice n cheap too, good quality stuff. might use em to make some new stuff up. or not, dunno yet.

got my guitar back too. so i'm going to write some nice acoustic stuff. or not. dont know yet.

i've had a shite day. everything has pissed me right off, and (how sad am i) coming to NG to try and lose myself in flash and music? I must be off my nut.

I guess its times like these we all need someone to talk to... or a f*cking good shrink. or not. you never know.

parkour flash anyone? make one for me to put music to please :)

i'm sad, tired, hungry and lonely. my girlfriend is annoying. much more to say? not really...

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!!!

2007-11-29 11:54:30 by Karmas-Enemy

Too bad it fucking sucked ass!!! worst birthday ever!!!!

i already hate being 19...

so, theres me sittin on my laptop, bored and tired. so i've decided two things.


if you would like some music for any of your animations let me know. i have some good tools and i know how to use them. just send me a pm. here's the plan:
tell me what you need from the following:

number of changes and when
any particular name for said tune
length (mins:secs)
deadline for the tune.

not much to ask i know :P

number 2. MUSICIANS.

If you fancy doing a musical collab with me let me know, send me a pm and we'll chat. preferably varied styles, including metal, general rock (which i myself shall be doing, but others can help), hip-hop, trance, techno, DnB, etc. NO RNB PLEASE. thankyou. and you must commit. i'm tired of people leaving halfway through due to laziness. and perfection is a must.

my msn is

feel free toadd and we'll talk.

peace out y'all

p.s. i should have a new song coming up soon. clearer levels etc than my old stuff. so i may rework everything and have a play around. (Y)

i'm sleepy. and hungry

might make pasta. suggestions anyone?