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ZEROupdates! Completely new look!

2009-01-22 06:19:26 by Karmas-Enemy

I've spent HOURS browsing the net for some decent sprites of Zero, and finally I found some! So out with the old and in with the new!

It does, however, bring a kick in the teeth, seeing as I have to redo the ENTIRE first episode again (to have it in keeping with the rest of the series), but I really don't mind.

Which means the date has been pushed back to the end of March, giving my VA's more time to polish their vocals.

: I love you guys :D

No screenshots yet, next post, promise :D

Review for my band's performance at The Maze in Nottingham, UK. Went really well, apparently. Not bad for my first gig with the band, eh? (FYI< We're Cit!zen Erased).

ZEROupdates! Completely new look!

SO far so good on the Episode #1 front, aside from lack of VAs. Got one person working on it for me, but until he's finished theres very little I can do now, I've reached the point where I can do no more.

So here's a little picture to keep you happy, for now.

(except the picture is crap...)

So Far So Good... ZEROupdate!

So, scripting is done, although as its an intro to a series, its only 2 scenes long. (Sounds crap I know)

I can assure you I'm putting my heart and soul into this, even if it doesnt turn out as good as I hope, I still aim to do better.

Just waiting on replies from VA's before I do any real work, I'm currently working on an opening scene for this. No screenshots yet people. But next post is a deffo.

Its going to be more like episode 0.5 out of 8 in this chapter, with about 8 chapters all together. so about ... 64/65 episodes? Got my work cut out. But as a n00b to flash, here's hoping I do good.

Wish me luck people!

New Flash On Its Way!

2009-01-12 11:59:43 by Karmas-Enemy

Righto. Here we go.

Today I've decided to start a new project. Seeing as I'm a total n00b when it comes to flash making, what better place to start than with a sprite movie?

You see, I've got another project in the works, although I've lost the pen to my graphics tablet. So I can't carry on. Not until I raise the funds to get a new tablet. And I can't draw using a laptop mouse now, can I? (Some of you may be able to, but I sure as hell can't.)

So yes, anyways, I'm going to commence work on a flash TONIGHT. It will be my first submission onto the NG Flash Portal. It'll be video-game based, probably a Megaman one. I don't know yet. What I do know is it will take a long time. So my fans (all none of you) please be patient.

If all goes well a collab might be in the works.

Wish me luck!

Jebus Christopholopholous!

2009-01-07 05:26:55 by Karmas-Enemy

I'm not happy. Not happy in the slightest.

Before the British credit crunch, I had a job. Now I don't. Which means no money. I spent most of my last paycheck on a new graphics tablet. A Wacom Bamboo One, to be precise. Then I moved in at my fiancees flat, unable to afford living where I was.

Now, somewhere in the move, I lost the pen to the tablet, which means that the project I've been working on for the best part of nearly 2 years will not be finished. I haven't submitted anything before because I wanted this project to be my first.

All I'm left with now is just a bunch of crappy songs which have somehow not been erased from the audio portal, a blank flash area with my name on and no friends. What is the world coming to?

I've asked around for some help in obtaining a new pen, but to no avail. My last option was to ask Tom, but I'm not holding out for anything. A fairly unknown NG User such as myself never gets any breaks.

It sucks major Captain's Ass, not being able to finish what I started, I can't finish it with a mouse because it just won't look right at all.

I guess its welcome to Britain. And Epic Failure.

And now, to tears again...

Jebus Christopholopholous!

New Single?

2009-01-01 15:21:17 by Karmas-Enemy

It's finally 2009. Which means a whole new step for myself in music.

Thats right, I'm releasing my single this year. Although the track line-up, cover art and release date aren't fully decided, one slot is open for a collaboration on the single, which may make the album.

The label of which it is released is of my own design, Now And Zen Records. Until the name itself is finalised (hoping to start my own industry, of which would include many divisions, such as music, sport, art and animation) nothing will be released.

If interested in a collaboration (in either music or flash) then let me know.

I'd like someone to make a flash animation for one of my songs, if anyone would like to do it, let me know asap.

Feel free to drop a message for a collab. Any genre is fine.

Anyone like to design album art for me? Anything is appreciated.

Final note:
Anyone who helps will be credited, and if all goes well... (royalties?)
Possible cover art for either single or album. ?

New Single?

Here's The Thing...

2008-12-23 04:25:20 by Karmas-Enemy

I've asked a few people if they'd like to participate in a musical collab.
Only 2 of these people have replied to me, and yet only one has actually confirmed anything.
And even then I've got to start it off (which in a way I don't mind), but I'd like to see the creative spark amongst NG users.

The collabs can be anything, there is total freedom of choice here, and yet, why doesn't anyone bother?

(Still open for collabs though)

Also, hoping to learn to use flash soon, any tips?

some stuff ... help

2008-12-18 06:07:38 by Karmas-Enemy

I recently aquired a flash program (adobe cs3 thingy whatever) and have no idea how to use it. I wanna make a flash video for one of my songs, seeing as i'm releasing it next year.

any tips?

also, I have a poster I'm designing, playing some gigs soon see :D

-- Bit shitty, no?--

some stuff ... help


2008-12-16 11:39:41 by Karmas-Enemy

I'm Engaged :D


Music Updates!

2008-12-15 05:23:11 by Karmas-Enemy

So, the other day I went for a random ass jam session with some guy from my friends band. They kicked out their previous drummer and replaced him with some other guy, and as a result the bassist was playing up, not turning up to practise, shows, etc.

Anyway, the reason they kicked out the drummer was because he was religious, was determined to let the world know about it and tried to force it onto the other members of the band.
So, to keep you up to date, 1 band, 3 members, no bass player.

I went for the jam sesh, ended up getting the bass player position :D

Check em out :)