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Madness: Take No Prisoners Madness: Take No Prisoners

Rated 4 / 5 stars


thats awesome, i rather enjoyed listening to that. the only thing i founf wrong with it was it took a lil longer than i thought to get into and sounded a bit repetitive.
but other than that it was kickass!

PVP-BoCS responds:

Thanks for the comment bro!
Yeah, well this was made for the movie piece so parts like the little noise section in the very begining was something to help build an eerie feel before it broke in. I do plan on takin a stab at remixing it to better emphasise the more interesting parts of the song (or just my favorite parts haha) when I make part two. So yeah it took a while to get into, I agree, but that was more intended to help allow for parts to build up in the movie, or at least that was I tried to go for, I'll get it eventually! :)
As for it being repetitive, I agree, I was flip flopping between whether I wanted to put this full version in or just the small clip I used in the video. I followe more of a Hip Hop format when making this which, I must admit, tends to be pretty repetitive in itself and without lyrics to mix it up a bit or a movie clip to watch while it's playing you really end up noticing it alot more :)

Thanks again for the comment and constructive criticism!! I appreciate it :D